Friday, July 23, 2010

JohnyML's Gallery: Roots of Desire

JohnyML's Gallery: Roots of Desire: "'Roots of Desire' is the first solo show in my virtual gallery. This is a blog/gallery created towards familiarizing the works of young and ..."


  1. congratulations , Johny this is the best way to start of to show case artist from small town, and young artist .whose will other wise take decade s to familiar and know to people out their home towns.
    hope ,and wish that the people who s works will be show here on virtual gallery ,will be given opportunities by others too, be it galleries or alternative display spaces , and take works to larger public. congratulations from samuha.

  2. Hi Samuha,

    I believe you are Suresh Samuha, Bangalore.

    Thanks for these kind words.